Friday, May 9, 2014

Thistle Bird Feeder Why aren't birds coming to my thistle sock?

Question by Janis V: Why aren’t birds coming to my thistle sock?
I live in south Louisiana and have had two socks out for about a month, and haven’t seen one bird on either yet! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
So if I have the socks hanging on a sheppards hook (not close to a tree), I should move closer to a tree? I have it close to a window which I am in front on most of the day working, I’ve never seen any bird come to it!

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Answer by ms bell
Some things I’d suggest for you is to make sure there are no predators in your yard. Hang the thistle sock close to trees and shrubs where birds can easily escape predators.
In addition, examine the thistle sock to see if there are any holes in it. The wildbirds sometimes peck holes in the sock and the seeds will start falling out. Be careful of squirrels which often destroy thistle socks.
You may want to place some thistle in a platform feeder or tube feeder where the birds can perch and see if you can attract more birds that way.

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