Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pics Of Birds questions about getting a bird/ birds?

Question by nicole: questions about getting a bird/ birds?
im thinking about getting an animal ive reserched chinchillas, and ferrets. and now im doing research on birds. im thinking about getting a cocketiel but am open for other ones (i want either a small bird or a medium bird)
1-what bird do you like the most and why?
2-should i get one or two birds?
3-what size cage should i get for a bird or birds? (if its possible include pics please)
4-what types birds can talk?…that are a an ideal size (small or medium)

Best answer:

Answer by owner of a green budgie
1 i like parakeets the best because they are nice sweet and inexpensive (i have 2)
2 you can get one if you are home a lot but if ur not home too often then get two. i might be harder to tame them though if u have two
3 24″x18″x18″
4 parakeets cockatiels parrotlets lovebirds arfican greys amazons

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