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Pet Birds Q&A: Help, Trust Problem-- with pet bird!?

Question by MinnieMouse: Help, Trust Problem– with pet bird!?
My friend recently gave me a pet bird, that seemed very unhappy.
The BUDGIE didn’t chirp like most birds, and often tried to open the cage door.
I think he was mistreated unknowingly.
My friend was TREMENDOUSLY sweet, so I think she just didn’t know how to care for it.

Now about the bird.
I was wondering if there’s anyway to allow it to be happy again, I’ve never cared for a bird, so I don’t know what to do, I’ve read a couple articles, but it’s still a bit blurry.

Could the reason she’s not chirping be because she feels unhappy, is there anyway I can give her a treat, if so, what kind?

I already have the cage, the water, food.
But how to care for the bird itself.

-How do I shower her?
-How do I let the budgie “exercise”?

& the bird, it’s saddening to see an upset bird.

Best answer:

Answer by Dark Samus
The reason for not chirping could be because she’s unhappy. It could also be poor health or illness though. If I were you I would take her to an avian certified vet just for a checkup to make sure nothing is wrong.

You can actually start on getting her to trust you through treats. Budgies love millet. You can buy small bags of millet spray at most grocery stores with a pet section or a pet store. I recommend going to a pet store though because it would be more fresh.

I recommend also converting her to Harrison’s bird food. Especially if she’s on an all seed diet. Malnutrition can shorten her lifespan by a lot. It can make her more susceptible to illness. I recommend taking a look at their website:

Watch the video at the bottom of the page to see why it’s so important to feed your bird the right food. You can also find out where you can buy it in your area at the top of the page. This food is inexpensive. A 1lb bag is like $ 9, and a 1lb bag will last a single budgie quite a while. Much cheaper than the pellet brands at the pet store.

Budgies mostly like to bathe themselves. But if you really think she needs a bath, you’re supposed to just mist with warm water from a spray bottle. Don’t spray directly at her. Make it higher than her so it falls on her like rain.

Budgies like all birds exercise by flying and coming out of the cage for play time. Once she starts getting tame you can let her out of the cage to exercise. Don’t do it unless she’s somewhat comfortable with you though because getting her back into the cage could be a nightmare!

To start getting her used to you, put her in a calm but active area of the house. Like the family room. She needs to get used to her new surroundings and used to your presence. Just talk to her softly outside of her cage. Get her used to your voice. You can feed her pieces of millet through the cage bars right now. But don’t start sticking your hand in there until she’s used to taking it through the bars.

To get her to start climbing onto your hands, make her have to cross the cage or climb over perches to get to the millet once you can put your hand in her cage. Make her have to come to it instead of you bringing it to her. Once she’s used to having to come and get it, make her have to climb over or on top of your hand to get to the millet. Watch out when you do that though. She’ll try every trick she knows to get to the millet without having to touch you. She’ll try climbing up the nearest wall to get to it. She’ll try flying directly onto the millet and use it as a perch. She’ll try to do anything before she even considers getting onto your hand. So make sure she can’t get to it any other way. When she finally gets onto your hand the first time, the millet will make it a positive experience. So she’ll start associating your hand with good things. Lol.

Get her used to climbing onto your hand through millet and she’ll begin to trust you. Always be patient loving and kind. Getting a bird to trust you doesn’t happen overnight. It takes weeks, sometimes months.

I hope I was able to help :)

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