Saturday, May 10, 2014

Parrot Pictures Q&A: can parrots (ecletus parrots) recognize photos?

Question by *~* Princess *~*: can parrots (ecletus parrots) recognize photos?
Hello, I will soon be a proud owner of an eclectus parrot :-) I just have a question out of interest, can parrots recognize perople/things in photos? For example, recognise their owner or themselves in a photograph? I would be very interested to know!

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Answer by John P
We have a friend with a Quaker Parrot. She recognizes the photo of our Quaker, and tries to give it kisses.

The Female Quaker also made up a song and included our Quakers name in it.

I agree. It is very interesting. Birds have a great deal of cognition, memory and intelligence!

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