Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nice Identifying Birds photos

A few nice identifying birds images I found:

Ebenezer Point Least Sandpiper
identifying birds

Image by cotinis
A small flock of these was found during the spring bird count at the Ebenezer Church site of the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area, Chatham County, North Carolina. The birds appeared to be very tired and allowed close approach–no doubt due, in part, to the strong north wind blowing, which made further northward progress very difficult for them. What were apparently these birds were identified as Pectorals in the morning by other birders–I’m a little rusty on shorebirds! What is confusing me is that the lower boundary of the chest stripes is not very sharp–I think this may be an immature plumage. The thing that gives me pause is that the Least Sandpiper may look rather similar. I did hear these birds call, and they gave a soft trilling note. I have seen the Pectoral’s call described as a "harsh churk". Anyone care to comment on the identification?

Update: yes, this is a Least Sandpiper, not a Pectoral. Peter Cashwell, in The Verb to Bird, calls shorebirds "ego-crushing" for the birder. I would agree–several experienced birders (more so than I) looked at these in great detail and concluded they were Pectorals. I was pretty sure of that ID too, until I started looking at the photos.


(Northern) Mockingbird (Mimis polyglottus)
identifying birds

Image by theunquietlibrarian
(Northern) Mockingbird (Mimis polyglottus) (thank you Dr. Price Webb for identifying this bird)

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