Friday, May 30, 2014

Love Birds How to tame/train love birds?

Question by daniiellee: How to tame/train love birds?
Four days ago I got a male and female love bird pair. They’re 9 months old and the previous owner (couldn’t keep them anymore) had only begun to work with them a little bit. I’m not sure how long they had had them. They act normally until you walk over to their cage are a hand goes near them (they get scared and go to the corner of the cage). I was wondering how to begin to tame them and have them trust me. Also their wings aren’t clipped, but I was thinking of getting it done soon.

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Answer by Darsh(Say it like u mean it)
turn down the lights, put on some soft romantic music and take off your clothes in front of them. they like that..and don’t clip their’s makes them very angry. good luck

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