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Love Birds How do you tame a love bird?

Question by Jocy: How do you tame a love bird?
I have 2 love birds and they are both afraid of me once I put my hand in the cage they would start to chirp really loud and try to get away from my hand as fast as they could. I really want to hold them and let them out of their cage but I don’t know how could someone help me please?

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Answer by Keylin Madison
Nope you can’t. I am saying you can’t even though it is possible because by the sound of this question, it seemed to me that your a beginner parrot owner and have no thorough research done before owning a bird. Those two lovebirds there are a pair and would rather bond with themselves than with you because you are like a giant to them and they couldn’t care less about you, they’d rather spend time with their own species, the other bird. You can’t just put your hands in their cage, it is making the situation even more worse, your entering their ”territory” which is the cage and they will fear and HATE you even more! You want to take them out of their cage? Are their wings clipped and are the rooms secured with no ceiling fans on? Take precautions please. You won’t be able to handle them at all since it is very difficult to tame a pair of bird since they’d rather bond with their own species than with you. So forget about this taming part and just continue feeding them in the cage with fresh water, food and indirect sunlight available.

Tip: Lock the cage doors with stainless steel cage lock or any other things that can be locked, make sure it is stainless steel and not zinc to avoid heavy metal poisoning because if their cages aren’t lock, i assure you they will escape one day. They’re lovebirds, known to be escape artists as well.

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