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List Of Birds Best bird, excuse the mispellings?

Question by cole: Best bird, excuse the mispellings?
Ok, Ive been offered alot of expert advice and information over a pet bird, I whould appreciate it If you have owned enough or all of the birds list paricularly more than one so that there is no stereotypes to the factors. Ive been to two bird stores specializing in parrots, the gabriel foundation and have spent months looking on the internet at different birds there behavior their hardiness there gender and age feathers. I have researched Just about everything under fifteen inches. I own finches and although I know that the two cant even compare in how hard and how interesting I thought they might be good experience (that and there cute) but bassically I have a cage big enough for one bird less than 15 inches It is new huge expensive and disease free Personally I whould love to get a huge macaw but I dont want to do that when I only can pay attention three or four Hours a day and It can be out 6. So basically my choices have been narrowed down to cocatoos and tiels, lovebirds quackers and conures but maybe one of the miniature hans or yellow naped macaws. I dont want anything that is goint to live longer than thirty five years unless I just listed it. Im a teenage boy with an eleven year old brother, we also own two dogs that never go upstairs and bother the finches or fish. I have the money and means to get any bird I decide on but I whould like to make an educated decision. Our routine rarely varies and atleast one in the family is always home. From what I have read electus parrots are to easy to accidentaly poison so if this is true than I probably shouldnt get one. I ofcourse want a smart enough parrot that It can learn my words and understand bassically nos and step ups. It whould be nice if it could talk but not required. Also the main rule is that if it does not learn no and opens one of my many fishtanks that if any fish are harmed the parrot goes straight back to the gabriel foundation. I was told by the man who own ths bird store that sun conures are a big nono and will bite everybody other ! than me and drive me insane by being loud. His reasoning might just be a bad experience or it could be because he has none to sell me. He says that the green cheeks and others are ok though. but when i saw his green cheeks they whouldnt step up or even let you near them. Is this true for all conures or are they nearly as smart as a miniature macaw? It seems that quackers, lovebirds, parrotlets, and cockatiels are all not smart enough to understand and obey specific dangerous things in my house such as a dog that just might take an opportunity or sitting on a stove. And my cat is of absolutely no threat he is 25 pounds 14 and the pet mice will climb on him with no incidents. From what i have read about cockatoos is that they might be to aggresive. But what I am looking for in a bird is intellegince beyond any dog or cat, the ability to talk a small amount atleast although a loth whouldnt hurt either there is no cussing in our house. I am also looking for the ability to interact with budgies we think it whould be cool to have a parakeet door on the sides of two connected cages that the parakeets can get through but not the larger bird. Ill ask another question about that later so I whould really appreciate it if I am not lectured on somehting like having dogs or living somewhere specific or how much care It whould take for this. My pet bird will not be an impulse buy of any kind and is completely thought through for months. What I am looking for in your answers are why get this and not this. Also I whould like it if my bird could act like a dog with the family loyal to me but not mean to my family. Happy holidays and thankyou for putting up with my late night crabinness.
I think youre probably correct about the cockatoo but what about a tiel? Also the cage is made of the same stuff as the 2000 dollar macaw cages the wires wont even budge when I lift it up with one of them. Also anything about the miniature macaws, I was wondering are they the same as a large one that just doesn’t live as long and they’re are smaller and quiter. if so then these are probably a good deal for me they live long enough theyre right for the cage and theyre as intellegint as a larger macaw

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Answer by Marine for Life
Wow , thats a tall order , OK I wont lecture you , Sounds like a Quaker would be right for you , Female are more likely to talk more words and ues them properly. My lexie has a 50 word vocabulary and uses words in context . when a dog walks by it goes Meow , when a cat walks by it goes Ruff ruff , when someone knocks on the door it says in order and all at once Who is it , Hello , Bye Bye . It plays wash cloth tug of war and if I drop my end he just stands there and waits for me to start again .
Now it needs to be hand raised , hand fed and (WELL SOCIALIZED)
I could give you the strong points of each of what you want but suffice it to say I have or have had all of what you asked about .
Also note that Lexie walked away with a piece of a cat that attacked it last year
Second I would take a green cheek conure , as smart but not as easy to understand , third a cockatiel , has a tendency to be non aggressive and still smart ,
IM me if you like , these are my parrots right now .

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