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Hummingbirds What could be keeping hummingbirds away?

Question by Austin Williams: What could be keeping hummingbirds away?
So live in North-Eastern Texas around Dallas in the open fields and country and each year in the past we have had at least one hummingbird return to my grandmothers backyard and several almost 4 years ago. Lately we have noticed that it has been greatly windy. There has also an abundance of swifts and other large birds. Also, we cut down some dead rose bush they previously perched on. Could any of these reasons be keeping the hummingbirds from returning? Also what can we do to attract them now? We will plants anything needed and i can build anything which may attract them. Plus we do plant fresh flowers and have a feeder, so whats up?

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Answer by missS
Everyone has noticed a decline in the bird numbers this year. Migration is very late. Hopefully it will pick up.

To attract the hummingbirds put out a feeder using 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Change and clean the feeder every 3 days or as soon as it gets cloudy.
Plant a tree for them to perch and nest in.
Buy a salvia Black and Blue, salvia coccinea ‘Lady in Red’. If you can, plant some vines with flowers that the birds enjoy. This is just a start…
There is a great forum that can help you. Network 54 Hummingbird Forum.

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