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Finches Companion for a zebra finch?

Question by viicariious: Companion for a zebra finch?
I rescued a zebra finch that flew into the house, obviously escaped from somewhere and had been flying for a while as she ate more than her body weight and slept for ages. She is very tame and doesn’t mind contact with human beings.

Im stuck about whether to get her a friend. As I said before, she is tame and if I buy an untamed zebra finch they may fight.
Is it really necessary to keep zebra finches in pairs or would she be just as happy with human attention and a mirror in her cage?

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Answer by ms bell
You don’t have to have another zebra finch. The zebra finch you rescued won’t die of loneliness. She will do just fine as long as you give her attention and take good care of her. Some people on Y/A have been able to tame their finches, which an easy job, but is possible. You need to start taming the zebra finch at a young age and it shouldn’t have a mate. This makes taming much easier.

I had a male zebra finch living by himself for several months due to two of my previous finches dying from a contagious disease. The vet instructed me not to buy any other finches until I see if the one male stays healthy. She said to wait at least 2-3 months before getting another finch. So I waited like she said and my lone male finch did just fine. He ate well, was very active, and very alert. He seemed very happy and healthy. Eventually, I got another finch because I love the finches and I really wanted another one.

As for mirrors, a female zebra finch isn’t going to be very interested in a mirror. Some toys she will like are swings, preen toys, and rings that are linked together. My zebra finches play with those toys and the one I had by himself enjoys sitting in the ring.

If you really want another finch, then go ahead and get one. I wouldn’t buy a male zebra finch unless you’re planning on mating them. Zebra finches are excellent breeders and will lay eggs like crazy. Get yourself another female instead.

Read this article about finches for more information:

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