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Cockatiel Birds My cockatiel bird got hurt?

Question by Giancarlos F: My cockatiel bird got hurt?
Well my bird cockatiel got hurt. She was just flying around like she always does. But my stupid brother forgot to turn off the ceiling. So yea she kinda hit the ceiling fan. Her wings,legs works fine. The problem is she lost her hair from the head. Her head was slighty blooding. But shes ok I guess. But I think she might be in pain. Is it nessecery to go the vet or would it heal overtime, do I use prorixode?

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Answer by Ashley Youwishyouknew
I wouldn’t put p-e-r-o-x-i-d-e on the bird because birds squirm around a lot and it’s hard to keep their HEAD steady with a small towel like the second person said to do, but yeeaaahhhhh, watch the bird and make sure it doesn’t seem kinda disoriented if you don’t want to go to the vet (I always say to because some people are too scared to do anything themselves and they don’t take care of the pet right), if you are willing to take it to the vet, then go. You really didn’t give enough info (how deep the cut is, how it is acting, exc.). I have a cockatiel, his name is Cali. I love him. He is so funny, he talks to me when I am upset, but all he says is “Hello pretty bird!” (I start crying on my bed and I hear him say it.)

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