Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cockatiel Birds i need bird advice Cockatiel and Parakeets....?

Question by JABZ: i need bird advice Cockatiel and Parakeets….?
i want to get some birds. when i was a kid my uncle had his cockatiel in the same cage as his 2 male and female parakeets, they never fought or anything they actually whistled along with my uncle. and danced. is it bad for me to do the same? and also WHERE CAN I GET BABY BIRDS IN SAN DIEGO? i googled it but can’t find anything…..i love those birds and i just need good info.

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Answer by abcsmallanimalrescue
you can go on and look up birds in your area also alot of rescues have baby birds or will put you on a waiting list for birds you want.

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