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Birds Pictures I need to make this bird out of wood? Picture included.?

Question by Sandraa: I need to make this bird out of wood? Picture included.?

I need to carve out this bird for my physics class

I was wondering where i could make it or how?

I live in chicago

Michael’s is an arts and crafts store and im planning to go there but i dont know if i would be able to cut the bird out!

Please help Me
I need ideas or places i can go to around chicago

(i can’t make it out of paper since it has to be balanced on my finger. Were experimenting Central gravity this is why im carving out a bird)

Help would be aprreciated
Thank You!

Best answer:

Answer by Treesy
If it does not need to be thick, I would use 1/8″ or 1/4″ plywood (sold at Michael’s). Trace the picture onto the wood and if you have a friend with a scroll saw (power tool) it would be pretty easy to cut out, even for a beginner.

If no scroll saw is available a coping saw (fret saw) would be the next best choice (this appears too small for a saber saw) These are fairly cheap and sold at hardware stores, etc… Michael’s might even have them, though they’d be more expensive.

Build a simple birdsmouth or V-board jig (often used in Marquetry) to make the cutting easier by taking a piece of wood about 3/4″ thick x 8″-12″ long and cut a V on the front end and clamp the back end to a table. Sit so the jig is about shoulder level and place the piece to be cut over the V. With the handle of the saw below the table and the teeth pointed down begin cutting just a hair outside the line, moving/turning the piece as required keeping the cutting within the V. When done sand the edges smooth with 120-180 grit sandpaper.

Scroll down at the link below to Episode #116 for a picture and downloadable (free) plan.

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