Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birds Of Prey Keeping bird of prey!!!???????

Question by paroon kid: Keeping bird of prey!!!???????
I have been fascinated with birds of prey since being a nipper and find them amazing predators.

My dad’s cousin (don’t know what relation to me he is) used to keep a kestrel and a common buzzard. I remember going up to their house and taking the birds to the local playing fields to fly them. Absolutely brilliant.

So, does anyone on here keep them? Do you need a license or anything from any governing body?

Not looking at getting one just yet as 14 I have my hands full but I have always dreamed of training a Peregrine Falcon or a Red Tailed Hawk but I need to retire first.

Best answer:

Answer by Owlwoman
Welcome to the wonderful world of birds of prey. I am a licensed falconer and have a red tail hawk. She is my hunting partner. I have both the required federal license and state license to keep her. These are laws in the US.

If you are in the UK, the laws are much less stringent.

Email me off this list and I can tell you more.

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