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Birds Of Prey Does anyone know about birds of prey along the Western Coast?

Question by Hopechild: Does anyone know about birds of prey along the Western Coast?
For Christmas, my family and I decided to drive up to Washington to visit our grandparents. We made a two day trip from Los Angeles to Seattle via the 5 and the 99. On the way, while looking out at the country side, full of crops and farms, I frequently noticed a certain type of bird. It looked like a pheasant or eagle, and I even mentioned peregrine falcon at one time and it had a light brown color. It would just sit on the fence beside the highway, there were even times I wasn’t quite sure it was real or not, it was so still. Unfortunately, I never got to get an accurate picture of it, ’cause I only saw about 3 or 4, maybe more for the whole trip, and they were camouflaged with the deciduous brush, so they were hard to catch. The main thing though was we were usually going at 70 mph, so I only caught glimpses. Would any of you have any knowledge or insight as to what this bird might be?
It looked about 10 inches tall. If that narrows it down…

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Answer by nekospiritfire
“A pheasant or an Eagle” “Or a peregrine falcon” This covers the physical characteristics of nearly all birds but water fowl and song birds.

A brown bird that drew your attention each time you saw it? Likely a red tailed hawk, there are plenty of them around this time of year and are more easily noticeable with the leaves gone. Could have been any number of other birds too however.

The birds you described are wildly different in size, from about standing 10 inches tall to 2-3 feet. Brown is a color common to many, many birds (without other coloration, breast/tail color described)
They are also completely different in profile, but it’s likely not a falcon they don’t usually sit on fence posts.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

*edit* the 10inches helps a bit I’m from the east coast, but if I were to make a guess based on the birds I know live both here and there it’d make me think either coopers, or red shouldered (small-medium sized hawks). There may be something native to there only I’m unfamiliar with.

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