Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bird Feeders What size bird feeder cups?

Question by Rodger: What size bird feeder cups?
What size feeder cups should I get? Link below…

These are the cups I want but i’m unsure of what size I should get for my cockatiels.

I’m getting 6 of these cages for my cockatiels but I don’t like how the feeders are made.

Best answer:

Answer by Thorn
As a general rule, I’d get the small one. But if you want them to bathe in one, I’d get a larger one for that.

In my bird cages, I usually keep cups about the size of the small one, with my larger birds, they have an even bigger cup that I put fresh foods in (so they’re not piled on top of each other), but that’s mainly just because it’s what I had at the time.

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