Monday, May 19, 2014

Bird Feeders no birds in my feeder?

Question by BRICK: no birds in my feeder?
placed a bird feeder 3 weeks ago but no birds?

Best answer:

Answer by Trust Me I’m a Doctor ♥
You haven’t actually asked a question here you have made a statement. If you are asking why are there no birds on your feeder then there could be several possibilities:-

a) the birds have a lot of natural food in the area or other people are feeding the birds already so they don’t need to come to your feeders

b) the type of food you are putting out does not suit their requirements – peanuts in a mesh feeder are ideal so is a good quality table seed. Cheap ones have lots of wheat which very few birds eat. If you put table seed in a plastic tube feeder it clogs up & goes mouldy.

c) the feeder is in the wrong location too near to your house or too exposed. Birds need shrubs or trees to fly into quickly in case of danger ie hawks

d) you have lots of cats in your area, birds are not stupid if there are cats they will stay away

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