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Baby Birds What happens after a baby bird leaves the nest?

Question by Jared: What happens after a baby bird leaves the nest?
After a baby bird(s) learn how to fly and fly away, what happens? Do they continue to use the nest or do they just leave it to waste away? Do they go have kids of their own or wait until next spring? Also, do the parent birds have more kids at a different spot?

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Answer by Moth
The baby bird might try to stick around on its parent’s territory until the parents end up chasing them off. Then the babies just learn how to survive out in the wild and next year try to raise some young of their own (or a couple of years afterward, depending on the species).

The parents may reuse the nest if they’re going to try to raise another clutch. But if it’s too late in the breeding season, they usually just abandon it and it ends up being blown away by the wind or taken down by humans, or even used by a different bird species. If the nest is still there next year, the parents may use it again or build a new one- it depends on the species and the individual bird.

The parents will raise more birds at the same spot, unless they find a reason to leave (like due to disturbance from humans or other predators).

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