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Types Of Birds HELP! What type Of bird is best if?

Question by ♥Alyssa♥: HELP! What type Of bird is best if?
I’m looking into getting a bird again. About 4 years ago my Cockatiel died, I got her from a friend who got tired of her. I don’t really want a cockatiel again.What breed of bird is the very talkative type, and will talk clearly? Or what type of bird do you favor and why?

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Answer by B!nd!
Sorry about the loss of your bird.
How did it die? Cockatiels will easily live into their 30′s if well cared for.
It must have been upsetting to lose one at such a young age!

I think at this stage a small parrot is still the best option, Tiels are very good talkers- but if you want another species that talks maybe look into Indian Ringneck parrots, and Quaker parrots.
IRNs arent as affectionate, and can be quite noisy- but they are lovely parrots, and come in a variety of colours.
Quakers are gorgeous little birds- excellent talking ability- they are known as the ‘poor mans African Grey parrot’ because of their intelligence and their verbal skills.

Companion parrots take alot of time, money and devotion. These species will all live into their 30′s if cared for, and all can make excellent pets.
Look into each species, and find out which is best for you.
Good luck!

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