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Pictures Of Birds Q&A: Can you help me sex my birds? (pictures included)?

Question by cuddle muffin: Can you help me sex my birds? (pictures included)?
Hello. I have two parakeets whom I love very much. But I am having a hard time sexing them. The first one is my white and blue male. His name is benji. His cere is both pink and blue. The problem with this is that I have seen plenty of female who jad some blue on their ceres. I believe he is male though because 1 he bobs his head and constricts his pupils at my other parakeet. Also when he chirps it is loud and ear splitting. My next bird if my (female/male?) yellow and green budgie. Her name is yamaha. Her cere is completely pink but she too bobs her head (not nearly as much as benji though) and her screech is actually waaaaayyy louder than his. She chirps al day non stop. They are both tame. Never bite and enjoy sitting on my shoulder. Yamaha loves mirrors and will not stop screeching until I take her into tje bathroom to look at herself…. any help?

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Answer by Elizabeth
yes your yellow bird is absolutely a female
i am almost 100 percent sure that the white one is a male
i have 3 budgies, two males, and 1 female. it is true that the female does adore herself in the mirror and she loves getting a good look at herself in the bathroom mirror. my male budgies, as you said, also constrict their pupils often when they chirp. one of my males appears to have a purplish cere. like you said, it is like a mix between pink and blue. but at least it looks purple then i think it is a male.

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