Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Parrots Quicker parrot or cockatiel parrot wich one?

Question by Devo Contreras: Quicker parrot or cockatiel parrot wich one?
I want a cockatiel parrot and I’am earning to buy one. But on the other hand my friend is gonna sale me a quaker parrot but it can only be one wich one with details about both
Thank u

Best answer:

Answer by Kerbear
Quaker parrots and cockatiels are both great birds, but if you want the one that talks the best, it’s a quaker parrot. Both birds require a lot of attention and repetition in what you want them to say – training is a constant thing to work on because they don’t just talk on their own unless they pick up household noises and such. it is really personal preference – the more you work with whichever bird you pick, the more tame and trainable they become.

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