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Parrot Rescue Q&A: Information on parrots?

Question by : Information on parrots?
Hello. I was thinking about getting a parrot. I already had one as a kid growing up. But which type of parrot will be the best for a 15 year old girl? I will be paying for it and supplying it. I will be taking care of it and giving it attention and love. Which one is the best? Do you think getting one from Pets mart is okay? Thank you and any other information will be help ful.

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I suggest a budgie or cockatiel. They are great beginner birds, but are also wonderful for people with slight experience. I would avoid the medium – large birds until you’ve researched and gained more experience. They can be very hard to own.

I wouldn’t buy from petsmart. The best places to get a bird are either a parrot rescue or reputable breeder that abundance weans. Large chain pet stores usually get their birds from bird mills, which you can google.

You can find rescues at
You can find breeders at
I suggest joining

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