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Parrot Pictures parrot nest in Pasadena CA?

Question by : parrot nest in Pasadena CA?
Could anyone tell me where there are some parrot nest in Pasadena or in the surrounding areas? I would love to capture a few pictures of the wild parrots of Los Angeles. Thanks for any information!

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Answer by maliboo_girl
I think those green parrots must have nests all over, they will be in one area, then another, then another. Anywhere in the Pasadena area from Highland Park to Arcadia, and in other cities. Just keep your ears open for them, that’s how you’ll first spot them, then look for the squawking mass in the sky. I’ve seen small trees covered in what must have been more than a hundred, all making noise, it’s like you’re in the jungle. You can’t miss them when they’re near by. They don’t seem to have a pattern of when they’ll be in a certain location. I used to walk the same route every day at the same time and it was hit or miss of what street they’d be on or if they’d be around. (Unlike the peacock that thinks 2am is a wonderful time to screech, every night, or the hawk that spends the mid afternoon every day, circling around making tons of noise, I’ve never seen one like that before.)

Here are some photos and info:

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CA Parrot Project
Wild Parrots in Pasadena
Wild Parrots video:

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