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Parrot For Sale Probiotics for parrots?

Question by Niki: Probiotics for parrots?
My cockatiel just finished up a harsh antibacterial treatment. I’m looking for a safe probiotic I can administer so her gut flora can recover faster.

I found a children’s probiotic on sale at the grocery store called CULTURELLE, so I thought that if it’s safe for kids then it’s probably safe for my bird. It says it contains both pro- and pre-biotics. It contains a strain called Lactobacillus GG. I started looking it up on wiki and it said this helps make lactic acid. Birds don’t have lactic acid, that’s why they can’t digest milk products. So is this safe for a bird?

Are there any probiotic strains that I can use on a bird? Does anyone know of a common healthy gut flora that most birds have?

Thanks for the help! Please feel free to explain all the details of this confusing subject!

Best answer:

Answer by Lillian S
Aloe vera is good from my experience with birds.

You’ll find tons of info on this online.

Wish you and your bird the best of luck!

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