Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lovebirds Cockatiels vs Lovebirds?

Question by Lily: Cockatiels vs Lovebirds?
Note: What ever I get will be hand feed from a breeder. I also live in a big house so the noise won’t be soo bad.
1. Which are nicer and will be you pal and hang out on your shoulder?
2. Which are louder?
3. Is there a type of lovebird that is quieter? Note: I like the peachface.
4. Boy or girl. Note I want a boy.
Where can i get a handfed lovebird around San Diego CA?
Eric: I need more info than i perfer cockatiels.

Best answer:

Answer by Danny
i had a cockitile for 14 year and i loved him

1) it will definitely hang out on your shoulder, mine used to love that
2) they both will be about the same, but usually you just have to go say hi to them for a few min.
3)not sure
4)mine was a boy

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