Sunday, April 27, 2014

Flightless Birds why did god make flightless birds?

Question by BIGgourami: why did god make flightless birds?
seems kinda pointless to me
@rev albert..
you realize you’re quoting gould right?
and gould used that statement to formulate punctuated equilibrium, an addendum to evolutionary theory
he goes on to explain how that apparent lack of transition is explained.. maybe you should revisit gould’s work before you say something that looks silly

flight is expensive (building the huge muscles involved, maintaining them, the energy used to fuel flight, etc)
if a flighted bird got to a place where it didn’t need flight (no predators to fly away from, for example) the birds who saved energy by not flying would have energy for making more birds… and so on

your move
their genetic, physiological, biochemical, ethological, and anatomical relatedness to other things we call ‘birds’
“and He knows what you think.”
then he knows HOW i think… so why didn’t he make his presence more prevalent?

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Answer by Still Thinking
KFC doesn’t think so.

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