Friday, April 11, 2014

Cool Buy Birds images

Check out these buy birds images:

For Whom The Birds Toll
buy birds

Image by Sudden Fiction
After the fun I had doing THIS image, I wanted to recreate another publicity still that I have always loved, being this one of Alfred Hitchcock for ‘The Birds"

Originally, I was trying to think of where I could buy a stuffed raven/crow from. Then, in the spirit of artisticness and the fact that I’ve been reading a heap of graphic novels, I took a large bit of white cardboard, a sharpie and a craft knife to create my abstract graphic of a bird, which now proudly sits in my room.

On a side note, my friend Tom Oliver has just released this E.P which I think is truly magical. Off you go to listen to it.

Of Absense
buy birds

Image by Send me adrift.
If you’re interested in buying prints, please flickrmail me.


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