Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blue Jay Bird Q&A: What are my chances of acquiring a wild bird as a friend?

Question by Richard D: What are my chances of acquiring a wild bird as a friend?
What are my chances of acquiring a wild bird as a friend?
I just bought this giant size bird cage at a lawn sale. I have wanted to have a bird or two for some time. However, as I got think about it it would tie me down. If I wanted to go away ( I started imagining probably expensive machines to do the feeding and water) so it began to seem I would not get a bird after all.
I also toyed with the idea of getting a bird and leaving the door to the cage open so the bird could escape and then hopefully come back. That way, when I went away I could let the bird forage for itself.
Finally, I go to wondering if I left the empty cage outside open with food in it would any wild bird eventually make a habit of coming there and eventually even be able to bring it inside for a while?
When speculation gets to this pitch, all signs point to no bird in future. Is there a chance of getting some friendship out of a wild bird? There are Blue Jays here among others. Though as the record goes one season I accidentally knocked down a nest so I am a murderer of three birds almost ready to fly. I am not doing so well so far.
I should point out there are no squirrels. What is your experiences with wild birds?

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Answer by dadnbob
To capture and bring in a wild bird is illegal. Your best plan would be to make lots of bird feeders for different types of seeds to attract all sorts of birds to your yard. Place them where you can easily watch them from inside or sitting outside near by. Get a book and learn what they all are. You’ll have different ones in summer than winter. You can then have birds year round and not have to worry about when you go away.

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