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Birds Of Prey Where can I go to hold tame birds of prey?

Question by : Where can I go to hold tame birds of prey?
with that leather glove…ive always wanted to hold a hawk,owl, or eagle but i dont know where to go. Are there any places that let the public hold birds like that around New England specifically New Hampshire?Thanks!

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Answer by Tori
I would look for wildlife rehabilitation centers in your area. They sometimes keep birds and use birds for educational purposes that have injuries that prevent them from being returned to the wild. If they don’t keep any birds, they will probably know of places that do have educational programs that use them. Or you might want to consider signing up as a volunteer – most welcome volunteers to help care for the birds and provide training for handling them.

Here is a list of wildlife rehabilitators in New Hampshire:

If none have public educational programs, here are some in nearby states that do:

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