Saturday, April 12, 2014

African Grey Parrots Is $550 a good price for African Grey Parrot and cage?

Question by Jimmy J: Is 0 a good price for African Grey Parrot and cage?
Considering buying an African Grey Parrot for $ 550, cage included. Seems to be a good bird, appears healthy, owner claims she is 4-5 years old. Only nips fingers “playfully”. Talks. Is $ 550 reasonable? Should I pull the trigger on this? Thanks!
Edit: I held her myself for about 15-20 minutes. Saw no health problems I could identify. She only nipped at me lightly when I went to put her back in her cage…
And Bob, you are confined in your cage your whole life.

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Answer by Ava
are you sure its not a scam? Make sure you make them hold the parrot and watch what it does like if he nips playfully or if it really hurts and make SURE he/she is healthy.

Good Luck!

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