Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blue Jay and Kestrel 3-20101210

A few nice blue jay bird images I found:

Blue Jay and Kestrel 3-20101210
blue jay bird

Image by Kenneth Cole Schneider
A drama played out as a Blue Jay drove an American Kestrel from its favored roost, then chased him quite a distance. Blue Jay on the attack.

Day 115 – Blue Jay
blue jay bird

Image by MissTessmacher
04/25/09 115/365 I walked around Mill Grove for a couple of hours tonight, and ended up with tired legs, a growling stomach and, for the most part, disappointing bird photos. As I was about to trudge back to the car, a blue jay whizzed past and landed on a branch right in front of me. It stayed there long enough for me to get several shots before flying away again.

I had a tough time deciding whether to use this shot for my POTD, or the one below. I finally chose this one because I think the closer crop emphasizes the varying shades of blue in the bird’s feathers.

View On Black

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