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Bird Suet Cakes wild bird feeding question?

Question by NY Reefs: wild bird feeding question?
where i live theres a lot of wild birds and especially the every growing population of some sort of domesticated green parrots or finches… when my bread or bagels go stale i decided to give them to the birds which they seem to enjoy…so i been doing this a lot lately cause i like being a nice guy. but my question is, feeding stale bread and bagels bad for wild birds? are there any home foods that i can feed to birds when they expire or should i just buy a bag of bird seeds?

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Answer by Trust me I’m a Doctor ♥
You can continue to put stale bread or bagels out if you like, the birds will eat it if they are hungry. Be careful you don’t encourage rats though.

You can buy special bird feeders to hang up with peanuts or black sunflower seeds. Many of the packs of “wild bird seed” are actually mainly wheat (because its cheap) but not too many species of birds go mad for wheat apart from pigeons and sparrows so its a bit of a waste of money.

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