Friday, January 31, 2014

Cool Bird Feeder Poles images

A few nice bird feeder poles images I found:

I’m a big fella–see!
bird feeder poles

Image by Capt Kodak
The bandit is back! For the record, it’s been a few weeks since I adjusted the bird feeders height and distance to keep the little rascals at bay. But this fella has figured out a path to get to the tall feeder (yes–I’ve moved something around to prevent it now). He was at least eating out of the "critter feeder" first. He came over to the glass door to check me out…

FYI: After much research, I found that you can’t get ride of them, but you can live with them. Secret is they don’t jump–so as long as there’s no hand (paw?) hold within two feet, they won’t reach for it. Problem here was some squirrels earlier in the day moved a couple of things around on the pole and made a path for him…

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