Thursday, January 30, 2014

African Grey Parrot Should I buy an African Grey or Eclectus Parrot?

african grey parrot
by e_monk

Question by August lmagination: Should I buy an African Grey or Eclectus Parrot?
I want a bird that talks, is sociable with humans and is not too noisy. What is better, an African Grey or Eclectus?
If anyone out there has these birds, what has been your experience?

Best answer:

Answer by Bobbie F
Either species will be a grand pet IF it is handfed and handraised. I have had both. The Grey was easy to teach to talk but the Eckie never said a word. Both are snugglers but the Grey is the good talker. Be sure he has a large parrot cage and a playstand away from the cage. And feed him lots of vegies and calcium – in the form of a cuttle bone. He/she will be a lifelong companion. I wish you the best!!

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