Friday, December 27, 2013

Nice Thistle Bird Feeder photos

Some cool thistle bird feeder images:

play nice
thistle bird feeder

Image by nosha
B l a c k M a g i c

Finches are mean.
These were the only two trying to feed on the feeder.
They felt the need to argue about it.

Hopewell Township, New Jersey, USA

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Feed me!
thistle bird feeder

Image by Doug Greenberg
A near-miss kind of nature shot: a daddy American goldfinch is feeding thistle seed from our feeders to a bird that is either a female or a young bird (if anyone else can tell, let me know). I would guess it’s a baby that’s been fed, but maybe there is some kind of mating/nesting behavior that involves feeding. Dunno. But that one pesky melaleuca branch is in the way of this being truly a good photo. I might try serious Photoshop surgery here.

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