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Finch Bird Feeders Need some help identifying neighborhood birds?

Question by Ram.k: Need some help identifying neighborhood birds?
there are black birds in the wetland areas with red spots under the wing
a large greyish bird with a sad slow cooing chirpnested on our magnolia for thepast 3yrs
we do have a lot of robins around and i think sparrows too all over
there are also these small gold bodied birds with a black head and wings
Also i think i see a cardinal in our pines but is its mate the dull brown bird next to it?
what species of hawk can be found in mid michigan, i sometimes see it soaring above.
what can i seeds can i feed and in what bird feeders to attract them closer and more types?

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Answer by dadnbob
The first is probably a Red Wing Blackbird.
The second is probably a Mourning Dove.
You could have several different species of sparrows…..House, Chipping, Fox (or more)
The gold is a American Goldfinch.
Yes, the dull brown one next to the cardinal is probably his mate. Then tend to stay together year round….if you see one, you’ll see the other.
You can have a number of different hawks about.
Get yourself a small book of the birds to start with.
You can feed black oil sunflower seeds and white proso millet. In the winter a suet is good to have out.

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