Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Squirrel Prone

A few nice bird feeder poles images I found:

Squirrel Prone
bird feeder poles

Image by DazeGoonBoy
Hybrid lookin’ squirrel, foiling Mum’s bird-feeder-ona-pole trick.

Collared Dove
bird feeder poles

Image by Jlhopgood
YAY! We bought a new feeder on Thursday, one of those pole ones and already it’s been a success.

This Collared Dove has been hanging out in my neighbour’s front garden with it’s mate and I think she’s now gone off to nest as he’s been on his own for a few days.

I’m really pleased he’s confident enough to come in and feed. I’m really hoping to get some smaller birds in too, here’s hoping.

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