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Cornell Lab Of Ornithology What kind of bird is this?

Question by Cody: What kind of bird is this?
I have a bird nesting in my yard in the middle of the city, in a smaller tree. I am not near any large bodies of water. It has 5 young that have hatched and are almost to big for the nest it built. The bird has a long pointing beak and a stretchy neck when its not at rest. Its legs are not that long and it is a darker color, hard to say for sure because its in the shade most of the time. It is probably the size of a crow. I am wondering what kind of bird this is I have searched and searched but cant find any like it. I do have some photos but since it was in a tree they are hard to see.

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Answer by Bill
Probably hard to say. With that description a bird, it’s safe in saying.
You can take your post verbatim, and query some of the worlds foremost
ornithologist at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology.
Wouldnt get your hopes up too high though.

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