Friday, September 27, 2013

Bird Identification Q&A: What kind of baby bird do i have?

Question by Francisco: What kind of baby bird do i have?
So i found this bird outside my porch and took him/her in since i didnt want it to get it eaten by a cat. I’m pretty sure its not one of those pigeons but this kind of looks like a falcon/hawk/eagle (sorry can’t tell the difference) it has a short black curved beak, from the neck down its color is blackish brown with a sort of white on the wing. The white isn’t at the tip or the shoulder of the wing but in the middle, its belly is greyish? I hope i included enough details but if you need more just ask. Also how do i get it to eat? I have a piece of ham but it wont eat it, or drink water.

Best answer:

Answer by Mack
Does it have talons? Sharp claws on its feet? Then its a hawk or falcon. Take it to a vet, hawks wont eat ham. Tickle the sides of its mouth to feed it but only after a vet or rehabber tells you what to do.
Where do you live? That would help with identification.
But take it to someone who knows how to feed them, feeding them ham could end very badly.
Is it this?

a baby redtail hawk

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