Saturday, September 28, 2013

African Grey Parrot Q&A: Will an African Grey Parrot behave itself in the home without clipping it's wings?

Question by Matt: Will an African Grey Parrot behave itself in the home without clipping it’s wings?
I really want an African Grey Parrot. Most people clip their wings so that they cannot fly very far, if at all. I think this is very cruel and is akin to chopping off a person’s feet. If I do get one, I will not have it’s wings clipped under any circumstances. Would an African Grey Parrot capable of full flight still be a good domestic bird?

Best answer:

Answer by NannaMyk
In a word… NO.

Clipping wings is a good training aid because the bird can not fly away from you, but it is more than that, it is a matter of safety, not cruelty. There is NO way that you can make your house safe for a flighted bird. There are places in your house where your bird can fly but you cant reach and that is not good. If you can not reach it, you can not help the bird should he/she get hurt in those places. If clipping wings is akin to chipping off a person’s feet; then buying a bird is akin to locking a person in a cell for life without cause. Perhaps you should not buy the bird at all.

There are those with opinions opposite of mine. I have been rehabilitating birds and rescuing them for many years and I can tell you that almost every injured bird that I have ever had come through my doors has been injured because they had full flight.

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