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Cockatiels Q&A: How Long Will My Cockatiels Want To Mate?

Question by Mackenzie R: How Long Will My Cockatiels Want To Mate?
I have two Normal grey cockatiels, a male and female. The male is trying to breed, but we don’t want babies. We are going to separate them for the time being. How long will they want to mate? How long will she be in season? Also, they are siblings, and a year and a half old.

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Answer by Jamila
You can’t really keep a male and female together if you don’t want them to mate, the season lasts to long. They start mating around feb if weather is warm and can continue right through until september and if it stays warm longer then they follow the weather. Your best selling 1 and replacing it with the same sex.
sorry it’s probley not what you wanted to hear.

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