Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finches How do I cover my zebra finches at night?

Question by Nikki: How do I cover my zebra finches at night?
OK, so I have two zebra finches who are completely paranoid of the dark. I try to cover them slowly and when they are asleep, but there is always chaos inside and I’m afraid they are getting hurt.
How do I make sure they don’t freak out every night?

Best answer:

Answer by jane
Its not that there scared of the dark just scared of the big thing that is coming over them Start by covering the back and sides of the cage leaving the front uncovered wait for them to find there perch then slowly slide the cover down over the front fo this with the lights on and make sure they find a perch before turning out the light if you do this at the same time every night it will become routine to them
Also birds like to be kept above waste level higher than that actually they are very scared of things coming over there heads

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