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Pigeons Is there an inexpensive non-harmful way to get rid of pigeons?

by civilu

Question by elfyeaf: Is there an inexpensive non-harmful way to get rid of pigeons?
My mother and her neighbor have been inundated with pigeons! They’ve tried chicken wire AND a fake owl. Nothing seems to work! They just move to a different area of the roof and fly back and forth between the houses. Pest control is stating that it will be no less that 450 dollars to get rid of the pigeons. There are between 6-20 pigeons at any given time. Is there any safe way to be rid of them? There are many laws here prohibiting harm to wildlife. We tried calling the fish and game and regional wildlife reserve and we were told that we must have done something to attract them there. My mother and her neighbor have done absolutely nothing to attract these pests! They just showed up and seem to be attracting more and more pigeons! PLEASE help!

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Answer by gardengallivant
Have the birds been able to get into the attic or into some other sheltered area for nesting. They like to roost in a covered location like lofts, steeples, vents, and under eaves. They shelter like this to avoid owls and falcons that hunt pigeons on wing from overhead. If you can find where they are roosting at night you can put wire mesh up blocking access until they leave. Or drape an area with bird netting whatever seems easiest to block the birds.
To get them off the roof is harder. If they nest elswhere but come in they must be foraging for food nearby. Try using Bird Proof to repel them. Meanwhile see if you can find where they are foraging for grain or seeds. Removing their food source will drive them away also.

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