Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Free Birds Q&A: Why did the chicken or pigeon dove come first?

Question by s7e7v7e7n7: Why did the chicken or pigeon dove come first?
I have a theory. After much observation and some contemplation. I can see how many would say. The chicken came first. I would have to give a reference point and so i will use , “free thinking and the free bird as examples to this theory. The un-caged bird walks the land, picking and choosing that which will satisfy it’s hunger and good health needs, unlike the caged bird who must eat what is given to them. A free thinker is much like the free bird picking up information for their personal education., and to some day lay out on paper or in words , the best theory which explains a question of the existence references for any named substance known . Thank You.

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Answer by deva
i like this.

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