Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lovebirds What kind Of food should I get For my lovebirds?

Question by Gay Male Pride: What kind Of food should I get For my lovebirds?
I posted a question a few hours ago and got jumped on which wasn’t right since i’m treating my birds very well. The question I asked if I could feed my lovebirds parrot food because my local petshop said I could and I just wanted to double check. Right now i’m feeding them kaytee forti-diet which is a conure & lovebird mix that has sunflower seeds in it. I’ve been feeding them this same food for over 2 years but the past month they have only been eating the sunflower seeds. Is there any good brands of food I can get for them?

I finally got them eating vegetables and fruits this past month. They wouldn’t eat it for the longest time but I had to really work with them so they don’t just get a seed diet.

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Answer by Turtle Paste
Dim the lights, give them a glass of wine and strawberries, and leave the room ;-)

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