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Finches How long does it take for Zebra finches to wean?

Question by Rosey-bear: How long does it take for Zebra finches to wean?
I have 2 adult Zebra finches who have 2 babies. The babies just left the nest today for the first time. One 9the first to hatch) has full feathers and can fly pretty well, but the other one still has some fluff and can’t fly. I had to put him back in to the nest. The parents are still feeding them a little, not as much though. How long until they can eat on their own? How soon can I remove them?

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Answer by gail
If they just left the nest today they are still reliant on the parent birds even tho they may look like they can be on their own, at this stage they are fledglings. The parents will still feed them & teach them finch stuff that we don’t know about (LOL). When the parents are no longer feeding them at all wait at least 3 more weeks.

The feathers they have now will be replaced during the coming weeks, kind of a first molt & you need to let that take place. This whole process can take 12 weeks (sometimes a bit longer). Before you send them to a new home you should put the offspring in a separate cage fr the parents to be sure they are eating/pooping as they should. For the health & well being of the birds don’t rush the process. Good luck.

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