Friday, December 28, 2012

Bird Table Q&A: How much is my Lomonosov bird figurine worth?

Question by Scullytheparrot: How much is my Lomonosov bird figurine worth?
I inherited 2 Lomonosov bird figurines about 20 years ago from my great aunt. One bird is tan and blue about 4″ long, the other is mauve and black, and about 2″ long. I was wondering if they were worth anything. The stamp on the back has their logo and made in USSR stamped in red letters. Can anyone tell me anything about the birds. How old are they? How much are they worth? Etc.


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Answer by Mere_Mortal
The “Lomonosov” ceramics are extremely common.

Expect figurines to bring up to $ 40 USD each and fineware to bring up to $ 40 to $ 100 per table set.

Most bird figurines have been selling stable at $ 10 to $ 25 USD for the last year.

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