Friday, December 28, 2012

Beautiful birds make a beeline for him Tribute Series 03

Check out these birds pictures images:

Beautiful birds make a beeline for him Tribute Series 03
birds pictures

Image by Pandiyan
Dear friends, meet Shiva, a bird magnet. Just like the two people I covered earlier in this series, Shiva too is a person of few words. But his pictures speak a lot.

He has assiduously photographed scores of Indian Birds and in a delightful fashion too. He is very modest saying he has not covered even 5% but considering that India has hundreds of bird species it is a remarkable feat. And he is still going strong.

Though he photographs other subjects as well, say, flowers or insects, his bird pictures dominate his stream. Do visit his stream and meet many birds of the subcontinent.

This is an idea I stole from my good friend, jahdakrinebrah, who himself is a talented and enthusiastic photographer. I shall continue this series for a while.

Once every week I shall post a mosaic of the work of someone I know for the benefit of all my friends. Hope you all like it.

Beautiful Hand Painted Wallpaper Two
birds pictures

Image by geishaboy500
De Gournay Fulham Road London

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