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Australian Birds How to train and play with australian parrots?

Question by Rock: How to train and play with australian parrots?
I have bought 2 australians parrots.Dont know about their breed.One yellow colour with blue colour female companion.
We dontknow about their diet…feeding them seeds and leaves.ITs difficult to touch them and interact with them.They are very aggressive and scared.Is there any easy way to train them and is there nyone who can suggest ?

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Answer by amber
Which country are you in? I’m an Aussie and I can’t figure out what breed they are…they sound like budgies (parakeets) in colour but I’d guess you already know what those are.

I really can’t place what they are…and I have grown up around Australian native birds. Do you have any pics you can share or direct us to? Can you explain them in a little more detail, such as size, beak shape, markings, what noise they make, tail shape? I’d love to help but need more details. Keep feeding them seeds, and remember that parrots love fresh fruit and vegies like apple, carrots, celery etc.

Would love to know what breed they are so I can give you more help!

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