Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birds Q&A: how long does it usually take birds to notice a bird feeder?

Question by noone9328: how long does it usually take birds to notice a bird feeder?
We live in Southern Michigan in an apartment complex. There are a lot of crab apple trees lined up and one about 15 feet in front of our balcony. We’ve seen (and heard) lots of birds that seem to be living in that tree, and some that seem to live inside vent covers on the side of the building. I don’t know what kind of birds they are, but they are very small and not very colorful, with patterns of brown, black, white, and maybe a hint of yellow on some. The seed we put in was a fruit-sunflower mix (with those little round ones, too). The feeder is hanging at the edge of the balcony (second floor) about 3 feet higher than the tree. We put the feeder up last night, and this morning, one or two birds noticed the spilled seed on the balcony, but none have actually gone to the feeder. We tried putting little piles of seed on the rails of the balcony leading up to the feeder, but they haven’t found those either. Do I need to adjust something for them to take notice?

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Answer by Brandie C
some times hours and sometimes weeks. Just be patient.

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